Live Videos from All Around Sound

More to come as this part of our webpage is brand new. These videos were taken live, behind the DJ table, at events that hired All Around Sound. They barely scratch the surface of the things we can do at your event.

A nice video of some random clips shot at the Martin Wedding in June of 2011.

This was the one of the best Father/Daughter dances we have done. They planned the whole thing and no one knew about it!! Was tons of fun.  Made July 17, 2010 in the Crescent Hotel's Conservatory.

Best intro to Thriller ever! Notice all the lighting and effects. The groom even had a wolf-man costume and danced around in it! Everyone had so much fun!

This is a good song and dance for anyone wanting to have fun.

This video features a gentleman competing for a prize during a Michael Jackson Dance Contest. One of the many fun things we do at your event.

Some more of the "Jump On It" dance.

In this fun competition, dancers compete for a prize by coming up with the funniest dance to the song being played.

A few young Michael Jackson imitators during a reception. Played this song just for them!

Everyone doing the Cupid Shuffle!

Was going to play Thriller but they said the groom had something special planned and that he wasn't there. So, I made a quick flip to Just Dance and everyone was happy. Notice the beauty of the disco ball and how it makes the whole room sparkle!