You've got questions, We've got answers...

This page is designed to help you with any questions that you may have. They are questions that we have received from clients before they booked their special event. We receive more questions everyday. If you have one that is not listed, e-mail it to us and we will be sure to answer it right away.

How can I be sure I am picking the right DJ?


Honesty is our best policy. Anyone can say they are the best. We have seen and read it all. Anything from made up years of experience, to unheard of degrees, to equipment they don't even have... What happens to the people who do pick these guys that appear wonderful? They are severely dissappointed, especially when there "perfect" DJ plays with busted equipment or sends someone completely different with equipment much less than that described. Some DJs go as far as double booking your event with another to turn a quick penny and then completely forget about yours. So how can you be sure? Don't just take our word for it, we invite you to ask your sales associate, staff or managers you may come in contact with. Our best advertising comes from word of mouth, which is especially good when coming from the sales associates... We have done many weddings with great effect and compliment. The weddings worked have been so good that we have been placed on the "preferred vendors list" and out of all the DJs, AAS has been the only one asked to participate in special wedding packages.


What sets you apart from the other DJs?


Refer to the question above. Also, there are some DJs that just play cds, some that just play mp3s, and some that play cassette tapes (no good). However, I play a mix of both cds and mp3s off of a computer. I can mix, scratch, and combine all the music I have. Also, working with a computer, I connect to the wireless internet and have the ability to retrieve any song requested that we do not have and instantly add it to our music library right then and there.


How involved will you be with my reception guests?


This is another thing that sets us apart from the rest. While other DJs usually stand behind their equipment and push buttons all night, I try to get out there and break the tension by teaching dances and games to get everyone involved and having a good time. We will not embarrass anyone who does not wish to participate but simply make memories for everyone to enjoy, which is one of my main goals for your reception. Everyone might not remember what color the walls were at the ball room, but they will remember when Aunt Ruth got up to do "The Macarena"!


Where are you located?


That one just depends what day it is. I do work all over. My equipment is no more than 30 minutes away from Eureka Springs.


Will you make all the announcements?


Yes I will. I have no problem speaking on the microphone. Anything and everything from your announcing in - "there is a white hummer with the lights on," "10 minutes till cake cutting, get your cameras ready!" - announcing out.


How early will you arrive to set up your equipment?


I time out the whole day so I can be on location with everything all set up no later than an hour before your event starts. Arriving there 2-3 hours early is usual for me.


Do you dress appropriately?


One of my favorite questions! Unless there is a special dress request made, I wear a dress shirt, tie, and slacks. I also often try to get the colors of the wedding so I can be sure to match. (Something I have never seen another DJ do!)


What styles of music do you have?


We have every style of music available. Anything from classics, country, rock, pop, hip-hop and many more. We have never come up short on what anyone has wanted.


How current is your music library?


We do our best to check the charts every week. This includes Billboard, VH1, MTV, iTunes, etc... Rest assured we have some of the newest hits out there! And if not, we are sure to add it, no problem.


Will you be the one playing at my wedding or do you send someone else?


Yes, it will be me. The same person you will talk to on the phone, e-mail, meet in person, and shake hands with at the end of your successful event. My company is not one of those companies that warms you up on the phone and sends someone you've never met, with low-grade equipment and skills, to your event that cost half as much and keep the profit...


Do you take requests?


Of course. I have no problem throwing any songs requested into the mix. Not only do we encourage any from you prior to the event, but we also take many during the main event. We are there for you and your guests and making them happy through a song requested is our speciality.


If there is a song I just despise, can you avoid it? For instance "Barbie Girl"?


This one actually made me laugh! Of course we will avoid it. Remember, this event is all about you and making you happy. If there are any songs, artists, or genres you want avoided just tell us and we will stay away from them no matter what.


Do you charge for setting-up or tearing-down?


Absolutely not. The price we quote you is for THE RECEPTION TIME ONLY, which is when we start playing for you, your friends and guests.


Do you have a contract?


Yes we do. This keeps everything plain, simple, and easy. This way there are no unplanned surprises at the end.


How do I book you?


Once you decide to have All Around Sound do your event, call or e-mail us and make sure your date is available, then we will email you a packet containing our contract and other event planning material. When received, you mail back the contract, along with your deposit. Once I get the deposit and contract, your event is booked and secure. The other event planning material needs to be sent to me no less than a week prior to your event. Payment, less the deposit, can either be sent before the event or the day of the event before it begins. Once all that is done, the only thing left to do is enjoy a spectacular show.


We will work with you every step of the way and are glad to answer any other questions and comments.